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A black teen is determined to make it as a heavy metal artist in

defiance of his father, a failed jazz musician.

Short Film: Winner of the Spring 2022 M Film Lab and Produced by Open Screenplay

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

Executive Producers - Mohannad Malas, Khaled Sabawi, and Sami Sabawi, 

Produced by Zade Akkad

Director of Photography - Brody Anderson

Production Designer - Carrie Liu

Wardrobe Supervisor - Hunter Freeman

VFX Supervisor - Jameson Mitchell

Edited by Kyle Kogan


Thaddeus Newman

Darian Michael Garey

Darius Marquis Johnson

Joshua Loudermilk

Hannah Kwon

Billy Hayes

Oliver Fredin


Colin Lang

lost the lead

After witnessing a violent swatting prank, a disgraced video game champion recruits a diverse group of nerds to take down his former corporate sponsor.

(TV Pilot: Half-Hour Drama/Comedy)

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

Co Produced by Amanda Dyer and Christine Cho

Director of Photography - Robert Chuck

VFX Supervisor - Jameson Mitchell

Edited by Miles Wilson


Tristan Turner

Jaimie Leung

Keenan Gibson

Celia Schilling

Anika Kokatay

Aubrey Postier


Bennet Pollack Reeber

Landon Jacob Lee



A cowardly high school loner obsessed with becoming a legend rallies a squadron of misfit cadets to bring home the prestigious grand prize trophy of the National Junior Military Drill Championship.


This coming of age feature film is currently in development.


A Korean mother reaches out to connect with her biracial son.

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson
Asst. Director - Stefanie Bielecki
Gaffer - Stephen Ho
Script Supervisor - Christine Cho
Edited by Miles Wilson
Sound Recording/Mix by Josh Atwell

Hannah Kwon
Christopher Pearson

this will destroy you

An Army soldier home on holiday hides her dark past from family and friends during a Memorial Day barbecue.

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson
Co Produced by Carlos Herrera Trujillo and Cheyton Jain
1st Assistant Director - Jameson Mitchell
Director of Photography - Keyhan Bayegan
Edited by Sydney Baker
Production Designer - Andrés Gaitán
Sound Design by Bin Lin
Original Score by Robert Mai
Colorist - Keyhan Bayegan

Gemma Scoble
Ryon Thomas
Nick Burchard
Ernest Steifel
William Brown III


Mia Makes A Cut Crease Video

An irreverent comedy about a young woman and her make-up tutorial.  Made for the Asian American Film Lab

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

UPM - Stefanie Bielecki

Director of Photography - Robert Chuck

1st AC - Anton Jiracek

Edited by Xueying Ou

Sound Design by Bin Lin

Colorist - Keyhan Bayegan


Rachel Marsh

LAURELS_TOP50 (1).png

A disillusioned military cadet blurs the line between masculinity and hyper-violence.

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

Co Produced by Ryan James Lim and Jason Rodriguez

1st Assistant - Director James Slaven

Director of Photography - Charles Reetz

Edited by Alexandra Snider

Production Designer - Chandler Freelander

Sound Design by Peter Schweitzer

Original Score by Robert Mai

Colorist - Keyhan Bayegan

VFX Artist - Jameson Mitchell


Tommie Russell

JB Chimaobi

Austen Rey

Jordan Schneider

Cecilia Soghikian


The True Titans - AT&T/Warner Media/DC Comics Spec Promo

A spec promo for AT&T, Warner Media, and DC Comics for Veteran's Day. Created for the Veteran's In Media and Entertainment Fellowship 2022.

Directed/Edited by Michael Hyon Johnson

Written by Sarah Clark Hopkins and Melissa Milich

Additional VFX Ryan Monchak

Sound Re-Design Bo Pang


Pre-Game Lobby (PGL) was a webseries created by Michael Hyon Johnson. The series made its debut on Machinima, Inc in 2008  and received an overwhelmingly positive response among men and women 13 - 25.  Pre-Game Lobby ran for twelve episodes and seven "minisodes" and garnered over eight million cumulative views before being acquired by Warner Bros. Digital Networks.

Pre-Game Lobby tackled issues such as: racism and sexism inherent within the video-game community, alcohol abuse, and the dangers of the lemming effect in social media and pop-culture icons. The series is unique in that it's the first and only show that features co-mingled video gameplay and traditional live action. 

The artistic style machinima (machine cinema)is the use of real-time computer or video game graphics engines to create a cinematic production. 

Notable Cast:

Michael Johnson

Tuesday Smith

Mat Matusiak

Tristan Maxwell

Rebecca McCarthy

Brandon Koch


Ryan Melander

Austin Chizanskos

Blake Pasquale


Sadie "UltraNeko"

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