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Black Metal



A black teen is determined to make it as a heavy metal artist in defiance

of his father, a failed jazz musician.

Short Film: Winner of the Spring 2022 M Film Lab and Produced by Open Screenplay


Thaddeus Newman

Darian Michael Garey

Darius Marquis Johnson

Joshua Loudermilk

Hannah Kwon

Billy Hayes

Oliver Fredin


Colin Lang

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

Executive Producers - Mohannad Malas, Khaled Sabawi, and Sami Sabawi

Produced by Zade Akkad


Director of Photography - Brody Anderson

Production Designer - Carrie Liu

Wardrobe Supervisor - Hunter Freeman

VFX Supervisor - Jameson Mitchell

Edited by Kyle Kogan

OFFICIALSELECTION-SanJoseInternationalShortFilmFestival-2023 (1).png


After witnessing a violent swatting prank, a disgraced video game champion recruits a diverse group of nerds to take down his former corporate sponsor.

TV Pilot/Webseries: Best Pilot - Project Nerd Film Festival; Best Editing - LA Webfest


Tristan Turner

Keenan Gibson

Maple Leung

Celia Schilling

Anika Kokatay

Aubrey Postier

Bennett Reeber


Landon Lee

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

Produced by Christine H. Cho and Amanda Dwyer


Director of Photography - Robert Chuck

VFX Supervisor - Jameson Mitchell

Edited by Miles Wilson



An Army soldier home on holiday hides her dark past from family and friends during a Memorial Day barbecue.


Gemma Scoble

Nick Burchard

Ernie Stifel

William Gibson III


Ryon Thomas

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

Produced by Cheyton Jain and Carlos Herrera Trujillo

Production Designer - Andres Gaitan 

Director of Photography - Keyhan Bayegan

VFX Supervisor - Jameson Mitchell

Edited by Sydney Baker


Electric Entertainment | Director of Operations - ElectricNow | 2024 - 

Black Metal | Writer & Director | 2023

Winner of the M Film Lab Screenwriting Fellowship 2022

Lost the Lead | Writer & Director | 2023

Best Pilot: Project Nerd Film Festival 2023, Best Editing: LA WebFest 2023

Immortals Esports | Producer | 2022 - 2023

Koji | Content Production Manager | 2022

Honhyeol | Writer & Director | 2022

Best Screenplay and Best Directing: Asian American Film Lab 2022

Being Free | Cinematographer | Produced by Roadtrip Nation | 2022

Caring Forward | Cinematographer | Produced by Roadtrip Nation | 2022

Mia Makes A Cut Crease Video | Writer & Director | 2020

Best Actress: Asian American Film Lab 2020

This Will Destroy You | Writer & Director | 2020

Best American Film: LA Cinematography Awards, Best Cinematography: Virgin Spring Festival

BuzzFeed | Video Producer | 2021

Electric Entertainment | Streaming and Operations Manager | 2019 - 2021

I Can See the Star | Cinematographer | Directed by Xiao Ni | 2019

Perennial | Cinematographer | Directed by Aaron Ellis | 2019

Sisters | Cinematographer | Directed by Chandler Freelander | 2019

Axios | Writer & Director | 2017

Festival Heart: Intendence Film Festival 2017

Ménage a Terror | Writer & Director | 2016

Chest of Doom | Writer & Director | 2016

The Wolf Among Us | Writer & Director | 2015

Top 15 Denver Film Race

PreGame Lobby | Writer & Director

Produced by Machinima Inc | 2008 - 2011

HARABEK - the mononym for Michael Hyon Johnson - a BlacKorean Air Force veteran and writer/director. He's produced award winning narrative short films, music videos, and branded content and is the co-founder of the video production company Story Mode. 

Michael's work focuses on characters from lower income families, mixed race protagonists, and ensemble casts navigating uncomfortable conversations and difficult themes. 

Michael earned a MFA from Chapman University and is the winner of the M Film Lab 2022 Spring program. He was also selected as a mentee the Netflix Animation Foundation's writing program, the Writer’s Guild Foundation’s: Veteran’s Writing Project;  and is a VME - AT&T Veterans Media Fellow.

You can contact Michael directly at


Read more at VoyageLA 


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Michael Hyon Johnson 2023

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